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Aug 18

Community resilience goes live

KPCA GetsReady database -  sign up: It was not the emergency we have had in mind when discussing building the Peninsula’s emergency response capabilities, but COVID-19 demonstrated, amongst many other things, the need to know your neighbourhood - the people, their strengths and their vulnerabilities.  Good neighbourliness came to... read more →
Jun 21

The Fox is up and Flying

Observant walkers of Jardine Park will have noticed the construction of the Flying Fox on the rise behind our Community Orchard, since we emerged from lockdown. The local children have been enjoying the ride - the "best in Queenstown" I was told yesterday, when we formally celebrated its launch (see... read more →
May 14

Jardine Park Landscaping

A feedback session on the draft Landscaping Plan for Jardine Park, unveiled at the AGM (see the blog of 17 March), has been reinstated for next Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at the Croquet Clubhouse in the Park. Alert Level 2 conditions apply, so prior registration is required, either via QLDC... read more →
May 13

Ferry back on the Lake

Starting tomorrow at 7:30 am from Bayview, in response to commuter demand, Queenstown Ferries are up and running with a new schedule for Alert Level 2! Thanks to the 293 of you who responded to the Go Orange survey. Here is the timetable and other details:
May 06

Ferry Service – resumption?

There is a prospect of a resumption of the ferry service when we step down to COVID-19 Alert Level 2.  Obviously, the level of service will depend on demand; and we will not have international visitors driving that demand for some time to come.  So, the operator, Go Orange, is... read more →
May 05

Jardine Park – removal of dangerous trees

The Council has asked KPCA to communicate the following about tree removal in the south-west corner of the Park: "QLDC are removing all the dangerous trees from the Stand within Jardine Park. "A tree report commissioned after the first wind event in January 2019 recommended that the tracks within the... read more →
Apr 20

Ferry Service trial

Remember that successful petition we ran over the summer about retaining our Ferry Service? The Otago Regional Council agreed to run a trial service by supporting the existing ferry following overwhelming support for it. Now the next step along the way: ORC is consulting on funding, the preferred model being... read more →
Apr 07

Courtesy is the answer

Yesterday's blog, about our request to Council to restrict use of the Peninsula Track to walkers, caused a bit of a stir when shared via our FaceBook page. Thanks for all your responses, both for and against. Just to be clear, KPCA acts through its Committee which gets its mandate... read more →
Apr 06

Dual Use Track?

Use of the Peninsula Track during lockdown has led to the conclusion that it is not working as a dual use track in these difficult times. We have written to the Council this morning requesting that the Track be restricted to walkers. Here is what we said: Dual use Tracks:... read more →
Mar 21

Jardine Park drop-in sessions

In light of the PM's announcement today - that we are now at Level two of the COVID-19 alert system - we are cancelling the drop-in sessions on the Jardine Park Concept Plan scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Please continue to provide your feedback via email to  If you... read more →