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Dec 01

Use it, or lose it

Our ferry service is under threat of termination. From today (1/12/19) the Frankton Arm pick ups/drop offs reduce to the Hilton and Bay View piers. From the end of February, it will only be a taxi service from the Hilton, unless Otago Regional Council comes up with a finance package... read more →
Oct 31

Spatial Plan

This is a big topic which affects all of us in the Wakatipu Basin and beyond. A spatial plan is required by Central Government as part of the introduction of a visitor levy. QLDC is now consulting via "facilitated workshops ... to continue the conversation on growth in our district",... read more →
Sep 23

Active travel

Community concerns about the implications for the Peninsula trail of turning it into a commuter route, including those by KPCA (submission April 2019) have been listened to judging by the Wakatipu Active Travel Network business case approved by Council at this month's meeting. The Report noted that those concerns as... read more →
Sep 19

The election issue?

The Airport featured as the defining issue at our well-attended hustings meeting, with a natural divide between incumbents and wannabes. Incumbents have form against which their promises can be judged. For the record, of those standing for reelection in the Wakatipu Ward, only Penny Clark and Ferg Fergusson consistently voted... read more →
Sep 12

Hustings debate on 17 September

A couple of useful documents relevant to the Airport growth debate: the Airport's statement published to inform candidates (and voters) ahead of October's elections; and the Council's brief to consultants describing the options to be considered. Links to the two articles: Queenstown Airport FAQ's 12-09-2019ODT - Greenfield Airport an option... read more →
Sep 10

Hustings meeting

Big issues face us all as residents of Queenstown and, more particularly, Kelvin Peninsula, resulting from the rapid growth of the Wakatipu Basin. The impact of the ever increasing demand for landing slots at the Airport is symptomatic of the tensions that arise from unfettered growth. KPCA continues to oppose... read more →
Sep 10

Welcome to KPCA’s new website

Welcome to KPCA's new website aimed at everyone with an interest in life on the Peninsula.  We have endeavoured to make it both informative and useful, describing what is available on the Peninsula in terms of community, recreation and amenities; and what KPCA does on behalf of residents.   Check our... read more →