Kelvin Peninsula Community Association

Welcome to the Kelvin Peninsula Community Association, a community based forum for pursuing shared interests of people who live, visit, work or play on the Peninsula, through volunteer work and advocacy.

KPCA’s work has resulted in amenities enjoyed by all Peninsula people. Membership funds the ongoing activities and projects and provides a broad basis for the views expressed and positions taken by KPCA on behalf of the community.

Volunteering is also essential for continuing those activities. The Committee meets monthly to review projects and to consider advocacy opportunities.

KPCA communicates through a FaceBook Page, Winter and Summer Newsletters and via email at: talk2kpca@gmail.com

You do not have to be a member of KPCA to be on our contact list.

To stay informed of our projects and advocacy activities, get on to the contact email list by registering your contact details: either by clicking on the membership button below; or via email.(Check your spam / junk folder if you have registered your email address, but have not received emails.)

Register now!    KPCA’s Emergency Response Group has implemented GetsReady as the Household Information database for our community.  Register your details so when the “big one”, the AF8 earthquake, strikes or another event like the current pandemic happens, our community will be better prepared to help ourselves, our whanau and our community survive.  For a summary, read the Community Emergency Preparedness brochure;  for a lot more detail visit our Emergency Response page; and to know what you need to prepare for, read the Kelvin Peninsula Emergency Preparedness & Response document.





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We’ll keep you updated on information about the Kelvin Peninsula here. For the very latest news checkout our Facebook page.