Food and drink  

Hilton Resort: There are a range of dining and bar facilities at the Hilton. A discount is available for registered Kelvin Peninsula residents.

Golf Club: The Club welcomes walkers and cyclists to its cafe in the Clubhouse (toilets available).

Public Facilities   

There are three children’s playgrounds, one at Jardine Park, one at Bay View and the other at Kelvin Grove.

Boat launching facilities can be found at the Yacht Club and Bay View, note that there is a fee for use.

Public jetties can be used at the Hilton, Loop road and Bay View.  Note that the water taxi uses the Hilton and Bay View jetties so don’t moor in the water taxi space.

Caught short?  There a several public toilets on the Peninsula:  Bay View near the playground, Kelvin Grove up from the beach, and at Jardine Park next to the Croquet Club.

Civil defence centres  

The opening of these centres will vary depending on the type of Civil Defence Emergency:

Golf Club: Queenstown Golf Course, Kelvin Heights (S 45° 2’ 32.4” / E 168° 40’ 13.7”)

Croquet Club: Poplar Drive (S 45° 2’ 44.5” / E 168° 41’ 28.3”)

Lakeland Park Christian Camp: 496 Peninsula Road (S 45° 2’ 27.6” / E 168° 41’ 38.4”)

Hilton Resort: Kawarau Village, 79 Peninsula Road (S 45° 1’ 42.7” / E 168° 43’ 40.4”)