Speaking on behalf of the Peninsula Community on matters which will impact on the quality of life of those who live and visit here is an important part of what KPCA does. Copies of formal submissions made on Kelvin Peninsula community’s behalf by your committee are detailed below.

The Community gave KPCA a clear and strong mandate to oppose any extension to the Aircraft Noise Boundaries that control the number of aircraft movements at the airport at Frankton during the public consultation in the middle of 2018. We have been pressing the Council to respect the Community opposition in its dealings with the Queenstown Airport Corporation, as its Council-Controlled Trading Organisation. We have been doing this through articles in local media and submissions to Council, both in writing and orally during Council meeting public forums and (co)hosting related public meetings.

Submissions:   Don’t leave us in the Dark          June 2019 Council Meeting        MartinJenkins submission Feb 2020
SOI submission 20 April 2020                Oct 20 draft Statement of Intent       Jan 21 Air Noise Boundaries         April 21 Spatial Plan        Nov 21 QAC SOI Process

Queenstown Lakes District Council is grappling with growth issues and the need to upgrade infrastructure, in particular through the work-streams of Wakatipu Way To Go, a consortium formed by Otago Regional Council, QLDC and NZ Transport Agency.

KPCA was represented at working group meetings to consider the business case for WWTG Lake Wakatipu Public Ferry Transport. This is essentially  about whether a ferry operation with some level of public investment would be viable over the long term given combinations of route options, infrastructure upgrades and the desire to integrate services with the wider public transport network. It takes into account the existing private ferry operator currently running an hourly service on Frankton Arm. Both the Hilton and Bay View pier remain integral to any Frankton Arm to Queenstown Bay route. We advocated strongly for fares to match the $2 bus fare, more frequent services and integrated ticketing.

In February 2020 David Mayhew presented an oral submission on behalf of KPCA regarding the Otago Regional Public Transport Plan in support of a proposed variation to allow consideration of a ferry service and in May 2021 a submission was made on Otago Regional Council’s Public Transport Plan 2021 – 2031.

KPCA made a submission on possible cycleways for commuters as part of the WWTG Active Travel Network, dealing in particular with the concern about using the existing trail for high speed electric cycles, skateboards and scooters.

Submission on “Way to go”

A topic which came to a head during COVID-19  Level 4 lockdown was a clash of interests over use of the trail by walkers and cyclists.  This has always been inherent in the use of the trail, but the growth in use during lockdown saw many complaints about a lack of regard for the safety of walkers, particularly the young and the old.  KPCA raised this with Council which caused a bit of a stir: see our Website Blogs of 6 and 7 April 2020:   We asked for residents’ comments (via our contact list) and provided the feedback to Council.

The Frankton Masterplan will have a direct impact on Peninsula dwellers. KPCA considers that the future development of Frankton cannot be viewed in isolation from the development of other areas of the Wakatipu, including the Peninsula. What is required is a comprehensive long-term strategy for the use of our geographically constrained space in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner: in other words a spatial plan. The Frankton Masterplan could then be sensibly reviewed in that context. In saying this, we had in mind the wider spatial plan promised as part of the Visitor Levy funded infrastructure developments, involving both Council and central government.

KPCA opposed the Council’s application to discharge wastewater overflow into our lakes and rivers for the next 35 years. Queenstown Bay, Frankton Bay and Lake Hayes are three of the areas most likely to be impacted should this consent be given.  Click here for the submission

A concept plan for the landscaping of the Park was launched at our AGM in March 2020.  We have provided the Landscape Designer, Katie Deans, with an outline of the general principles we think should apply and some specific thoughts on facilities needed as part of the redevelopment following the felling of the pine forest