Newsletters and Membership

We produce a summer and winter newsletter describing activities on the Peninsula plus occasional emails on topics of interest to residents.   You can sign up for these communications on the contact form .

In addition, if you tick the “KPCA Member?” button, you can become a member of the association.  Our community projects are funded primarily from subscriptions from our members and we appreciate the support of our members so that these activities can continue.

If you would like to join KPCA click here for the contact form  and tick the “KPCA Member?” button. Please deposit the subscription amount of $30.00 into our bank account 03 1355 0575668 00 with your name as a reference.

If at any time you would like to amend your contact details or unsubscribe then enter your email address in the contact form , hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button and follow the amend or unsubscribe process.